About Me

My names Emily, I'm a final year photography student at Berkeley University, California.

Since an early age iv enjoyed taking photos of my family and friends. This hobby stayed with me as I progressed into hight school where I created a photography and arts club. I got to the stage where I was taking hundreds of photos a day, of anything and everything that interested me.

I was certain I was unable to get my photography freelance career started until I finished my studies, completely unaware that all the photos I had taken could start to earn me money straight away. This was until I discovered the Paid to Draw System.

Following the system I was able to instantly begin earning money from all the photos that had been sitting, unappreciated on my laptop.

The paid to draw system has allowed me to earn a stable income whilst still at university. As well as this I am learning valuable information about being a freelance photographer. This is even helping me in my studies, as I have begun to really understand what the media and photography industry is all about.

If like me, you love taking photographs and would like to learn about freelance photography whilst earning, I'm sure the Paid to draw system could work for you. My only regret is wishing I found the system sooner

All the Best